A few months ago one of my students said something that made me have a real light bulb moment. She mentioned how awesome Quantum Energy Transformation™ is, but she felt something was missing. She wanted to have something that she can do on a daily basis to help her feel emotionally stronger, more confident and totally unstoppable!

I knew then and there that I needed to share my 10-minute daily ritual. 

And Here it is… Each day you'll easily follow our proven time-tested quantum breathing processes and transformative relaxation system, so in less than 10 minutes a day, the cumulative effect of letting go allows you to have more and more of the life you’ve always dreamed of and deserve to have now. By the end of the challenge, you'll feel Stronger, More Independent and have More Confidence.

Check Out What Our Graduates Are Saying…

"I released so much that was holding me back and feel excited about life again. I feel a vibrant frequency resonating around me and I’m grounded.” - Kelly Walker, Oregon

“I'm grateful for the opportunity to work with my body to release lower energies from my past that no longer serve me. I'm thankful to experience peace and serenity instead and not have my mind go back to it repeatedly in a way that disturbs me. Thank you Joshua for this tool for letting go." - Erika Druke



The Live Challenge Starts on April 13, 2020 (sign up to be a part of it!)

Spend the next 30 Days Aligning Your Body-Mind and Spirit.

Just 10 Minutes a Day will Raise Your Energy Frequency & Create Amazing Transformation. Get Ready to Become Confident and Unstoppable!

“Dear Divine Joshua! Thank you very much for the amazing healing energy and guidance! I felt an emotional shift! I was happy to get rid of the old stuff! I felt a big joy inside of me, it was amazing! I, again, deeply appreciate your healing and guidance. Thank you so very much!! Love you !!” - Liyako Matsuda, United States

“This is exactly what I needed! I really resonated with the truth of it. I feel so good, so much more confident and so much more of myself and less of a facade than ever before in my life. It’s changed my life!" - Janet Thurgood, Idaho

“I listened to Joshua’s message and followed along with the energy exercises. I enjoyed it so much that I practiced it again this morning. I noticed my energy today was through the roof! My clever ideas were on a roll and I am SO blessed that I found Joshua; what a great teacher ~ over the internet I received full instructions and incredible results. THANK YOU Joshua. Xoxoxo” - Debbie Aquino, Meryland


The QUANTUM 30 Day Release For FREEDOM Challenge is Easy yet Profound… 

  • You'll Receive an Email Every Sunday Night during the Challenge showing you exactly what you need to do each day during the week. 
  • The Challenge consists of 5 Essential Energy Transformation Processes specifically designed for your success as an Empath or Intuitive. We’ve put the challenge together in a specific way that instantly raises your energy frequency, and guides you to easily move forward in your life each and every day (the snowball effect you'll get from this challenge is critical for your success). Woohoo! 
  • The Challenge takes about 10 minutes a day. With such a small time investment, there's no Reason you Can't Rock This (no matter how busy you are). 
  • All you need is a computer or mobile device, a semi-quiet and private space where you will not be disturbed for at least 10 minutes daily. Experience the amazing processes anywhere in the world. 
  • You'll be Invited Inside of our QUANTUM Accountability Group that will help Motivate You Daily and Keep You Focused as You Allow Yourself to BECOME FREE.

Check Out What Our Graduates Are Saying…

"I cannot thank you enough for giving me and everyone else who participated in this Challenge, the opportunity to get to know ourselves even more and do the work needed to clear and keep clearing out the gunk." - Catherine Hidalgo, Port of Spain

"I felt a vibrational shift in my chest (felt quite strange), I am allowing myself to be wonderful. I am feeling more peaceful and relaxed. I released a lot through very deep yawning. I am now feeling very positive and good. - Susan Tallents, Australia

"This morning I wanted to be sure to do the Guided Connection™ before 'life' took over! I liked the 'grab that strength from the earth' part - it felt good and grounded. I'm now ready for my day!"- Nancy Rose Meeker, Canada

Imagine what it would feel like if you weren't ashamed to live your life fully! Put your best foot forward daily. Reveal your vulnerability to the world as you live life authentically.  

In the next 30 days, you'll be invited to engage your energy and beingness at the highest levels of change for 5-10 minutes per day.

At the end of 30 days you'll have the Momentum to start making huge shifts towards a having an Awesome life, and finally be on the right path to getting your life back and the confidence to go with it.

Total Confidence Looks Good On YOU!

"It was a powerful experience and I felt the physical feelings moving faster than before. I love the idea of just letting go with no-nonsense!! So simple and so powerful. I feel taking what you say Joshua and really allowing the words to carry the energy is wonderful to me. There is so much inspiration this challenge is giving me" - Margarita Foley, Dublin

“I am feeling a lot more centered and patient and remembering to go quantum more often throughout the day. Getting out of my head and allowing life to flow along. I am happier and healthier as stress doesn’t really play a part in my life anymore. I have become so calm and confident. Happy happy! ” - Sheila Rios, California

"I love the daily clearings with the beautiful music of the Connections. Very soothing. I have to say, they are my anchors during the busy day. It always brings good vibes into my life, and I love to clear whatever comes up during the day, or just to wake up when I need to. I find these processes delightful, and I always feel stronger." - Anna Gelbert, Canada

The QUANTUM 30 Day Release for FREEDOM Challenge will give you the foundation, confidence and conviction you need to bring out the greatness that already lives inside you. Forever FREE!

In 30 DAYS You Could Have the CONFIDENCE, MOTIVATION and MOMENTUM In Place to Move Forward, Have the Life You Choose, and Get the Amazing Results You Can ONLY Achieve with Quantum Energy Transformation™.  

The Live Challenge Starts on April 13, 2020 (sign up to be a part of it!)